What’s the best way to eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  That means you can take on big tasks, like marketing your business, if you break down what you need to do into small, bite sized chunks.

Each week in the Eating the Elephant Podcast, Misael Rodriguez and Philip Looney break down digital marketing strategies into smaller chunks that are easy to digest. Our goal is to help small businesses take on the elephant-sized task of digital marketing one bite at a time.  

Each week’s episode is brought to you by one of their favorite Mexican dishes. Why? Because it’s fun and delicious.

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Philip Looney

Since 2001, Philip has developed and executed digital marketing strategies using email, social media, and eCommerce for companies like Netflix, Anthropologie, Meijer, NCR, NBA & NHL teams, and many more. He’s worked with companies as big India’s largest private bank HDFC, to small business and startups with less than 10 employees.

He’s a personal trainer, reader, travel enthusiast, and has his personal blog at philiplooney.com. Along with his wife Ebony, he manages E & P Works.

His favorite tacos are tacos al pastor.

Misael Rodriguez

Since 2010, Misael has been creating content for the automotive, technology and service industries. With a firm foundation in digital content marketing, he’s collaborated with brands like Kia, The Linux Foundation, Twelve South and Pinterest. His specialty is corporate photo & video production, leveraging high quality content to motivate web conversion.
He’s a home chef, basketball enthusiast and together with his wife owns and operates Sea Island Creative as well as Belisia Rodriguez Photography

His favorite Mexican food is pozole rojo.